USSRC Space Camp

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Compass 3D Education

Training the next Mars Generation

Atlanta and Huntsville, United States of America

USSRC Space Camp is the ultimate unique camp experience where children work as a team and confront mission scenarios that require dynamic problem solving and critical thinking skills. Throughout the week, camp trainees encounter artefacts as they learn about space hardware and the history and future of space exploration. CNN Visits and much more at Atlanta..

Educational Benefits

  • Promote and stimulate students’ interest in the study of Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, Research & Experiments
  • Development of life skills through simulations and training by professional crew trainers.
  • Boosts confidence and enhances critical thinking skills by putting their knowledge to test in activities such as rocket building/ launching.
  • Recognizes the importance of team building in different team building activities throughout the week.
  • Broaden leadership skills by taking various roles and responsibilities in the space missions
  • Development of students’ self-confidence through real life astronaut stories and history of NASA
  • Personal growth and self-discovery through independent travel and exposure