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Compass 3D Education

Space Camp has provided a unique, hands-on, STEM experience for students of all ages to train like astronauts! Space Camp is a place for learning, growing and having fun.

Space Camp has inspired and nurtured the dreams of trainees, leading many to pursue careers in STEM fields. 96% of Space Camp graduates say their Camp experience increased their interest in STEM topics, while 61% of graduates are currently in or studying careers in aerospace, defense, energy, education, biotech or technology. Our staffs are dedicated to provide a safe and exciting atmosphere for our trainees. Staff are trained to make Space Camp a fun and memorable experience for our trainees! With 24-hour security and nursing staff, Space Camp provides a safe and secure environment for all camp trainees.

Educational Benefits:

  • Stimulating interest in Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics through research & experiments
  • Applying knowledge in action
  • Inspiring through history of NASA and real life stories of astronauts
  • Stretching the boundaries of limitations
  • Practicing creative thinking and technical thinking
  • Strengthening teamwork and leadership skills
  • Exercising self-dependency & life skills
  • Boosting self confidence

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