Outward Bound-478

Summit to Sea Course

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The course is meant for those who wish to challenge themselves through high impact activities and discover more about their capabilities. It is a challenging course both physically and mentally but gives every sense of achievement and reward. Setting and achieving personal goals is the essence of this course in addition to increased understanding of essential life skills.

This course is suitable for students from grade 9 and above and will enable all the participants to:

➢ Learn different technique to help in overcoming their fears

➢ Learn advanced mountaineering skills including rock climbing, abseiling and via feratta

➢ Learn advanced kayaking skills in open water

➢ Learn and apply the 7 principles of leave no trace

➢ Contribute back to the environment through a service element during the course

Course Objectives:

➢ Increase the ability to apply leadership models

➢ Increase confidence and self believe.

➢ Increase ability to listen and communicate

➢ Increase resilience and determination

➢ Increase organisational skills and self – management

➢ Increase ability to plan, problem solve and review

➢ Increase the understanding of features of effective teamwork