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Specialist Netball Tours

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We were entrusted in 2016 by over 120 leading schools to operate their annual sports trips. To ensure we retain our focus on quality and that all important personal touch (and with an annual repeat booking rate of 82%), we are limiting the number of tours we operate in 2017 to 140. A small increase of 20 on the previous year, however we strongly believe that sometimes ‘less is more’ !

All our specialist netball tours are tailor-made to each school’s specific requirements and requests. You can select either; a single or multi-destination trip to the UK, the home of World Champions Australia, South Africa or Barbados.  We have lots of ideas or just tell us where you’d like go, even if it is not listed below, and we’ll do the rest.

Our action-packed specialist netball tours combine elite professional coaching, friendly fixtures, coach led workshops together with bespoke sightseeing excursions and evening activities.

Complete Sports Solutions netball destinations

CSS offers tailor-made specialist netball tours to a number of top class destinations across the world.

UK: Manchester Thunder, Loughborough Lightening, Celtic Dragons

Australia: Australian Netball Federation

Barbados: Barbados Netball Federation

South Africa: South Africa Netball Federation

Our Netball expertise

Our staff have operated numerous specialist netball tours to the above destinations and have the experience and knowledge to create a programme and package that perfectly suits your group’s netball requirements.