Special Projects

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In addition to our classic adventure-based activities, North Star also offers a variety of special projects – typical trip duration 2 days.

Team Building

We offer teambuilding programs tailored to specific age groups. Whether you want us to come into school and introduce the basics of team building to a primary year group or work with a group of sixth form students on their leadership skills; we have an extensive range of challenges specifically designed to build effective working relationships and create an environment where solutions to team problems are found and implemented effectively.


Our short courses provide an introduction to the basics of survival: fire, food, water and shelter. Students learn about gathering water in an arid environment, building a simple shelter and cooking their own food on a fire they have built.

Navigation, Self-reliance & Camp craft

These three major aspects of outdoor learning are commonly combined in our popular precursory Duke of Edinburgh program with its focus on navigation and self-reliance. Students will embark on an adventure which starts with the basics of map and compass navigation. Then, under our watchful eye, students will independently navigate to an overnight camp.