Science trip Italy

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Birthplace to a pioneer that helped shape modern science and technology, Italy is one of the countries that is famous for not only its archtecture and food, but also its cars and football teams. Also, housing 6,000 folios of Da Vincis drawings and innovative technology, discover the country that has so much history and architecture.

educational benefits

• Participating in interactive science experiments to broaden your knowledge behind the scientific progression of Leonardo Da Vinci
• Understanding the various Leonardo machines reproduced from Da Vincis’ drawing
• Learning about how science can be applied to other disciplines such as art
• Learning about how modern scientific advances can be applied to many day-to-day world problems
• Understanding the mechanism, technology and skill applied to create the world renowned Ferrari cars
• Exploring historical sites and evaluating their cultural importance
• Analyzing how Italy continues to be architecturally influenced by its past
• Understanding the importance of historical and cultural sites to a nation’s identity
• Learning how the Renaissance period has had a lasting influence on Italy