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Panchgani – Adventure

From 2,800AED per traveller

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Tucked amidst the five hills, Panchgani is the best Adventure destination in Maharashtra. Connect with nature, adventure and the outdoors.


  • Nature Camp
  • Trek to Pratapgad fort through mountains
  • Night Forest Trail • Basic Astronomy
  • Community service
  • Bird watching
  • Strawberry Plucking
  • Star gazing
  • Live music and Singing around camp fire
  • Quiz and Games
  • Adventure activities (Rappelling, Rock Climbing, River Crossing, Marine Ladder, Spider Net, Commando bridge)


Educational Benefits
  •  Identifying the environmental challenges
  • Being sensitive to nature and adapting eco friendly measures
  • Hands on experience in farming
  • Learning to give back to the community
  • Adapting to unfamiliar surrounding
  • Understanding the perfect match of Rural and Urban integration
  • Facing challenges with creative and innovative solutions
  • Inter-culture competence
  • Identifying and channelling physical and emotional strength
  • Pushing hard for tougher resilience and determination
  • Building self confidence
  • Improving presentation and communication skill through activities
  • Practicing planning and time management for better execution
  • Building Team bonding and leadership skills through group activities