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Oman: Al Hoota Adventures

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Learn about life in the mountains of Oman both above and below ground! Trek in search of hidden villages and have lunch with a local family, find the best spot for watching the sunset at an elevation of 2,000m, and explore the fascinating geology of Oman on a tour in the Middle East’s only show cave, and with a short exploratory mission to the cave’s entrance.

The varied nature of this itinerary means all students will get their time to shine and develop leadership and teamwork skills.

This adventure is most suitable for students aged 9-13, but itineraries can be amended for older students. Alternatives to camping are available for students who will get more out of the experience with more of the comforts of home.


  • Trekking through a spectacular gorgette to the mountain oasis of Bilad Sayt.
  • Have a guided tour of Al Hoota Cave
  • Climb and abseil on a journey to the undeveloped entrance to Al Hoota Cave
  • Watch the sunset from an elevation of 2,000m