Music: Bangalore

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The Bangalore music scene consists of different genres, from international music to traditional folk songs. The vast number of different people living in Bangalore hailing from different places developed a distinct style of music. Though Bangalore is a hub for both classical and contemporary music, the dominant music genre in urban Bangalore is rock music. All subgenres of rock, varying from classic rock n’ roll to extreme metal can be heard in Bangalore. he underground scenario in Bangalore is often acclaimed, and hence lead to the city being called Rock/Metal capital of India. Rock ‘n India, Great Indian Rock, Deccan Rock and Summer Storm Festival are the primitive rock festivals in India. In early 2012, the Bangalore Open Air metal festival was announced. Bangalore was also the first city in India where internationally popular rock groups Metallica, Iron Maiden, The Rolling Stones, Bryan Adams, Scorpions,  Aerosmith, Elton John among various others performed live for the first time in India.

  • Music Production Pro Tools
  • Ear Training
  • Song Writing
  • Artist Analysis
  • Music Theory and Notation using Sibelius
  • Advance Music Production
Educational Benefits
  • Introduction to science of Music
  • Understanding various elements of music through fun and effective activities
  • Enhancing creative and innovative thinking by learning various aspects of composing music
  • Exposure to the real world of music through diverse genres of music from all over the world
  • Understanding the commercial aspect of making music through production process
  • Learning how music has been a major role player in social and economic growth.
  • Improving concentration, memory and ability to express feelings using Music
  • Assessment, grading and certification
  • Developing leadership skills and team bonding through group performance
  • Exposure to various career opportunities in Music industry
  • Building confidence in their skills and talent
  • Experience of local culture and history