Kenya – DofE Silver Award

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Duke of Edinburgh's Silver Award

This eight day expedition is designed for students to develop communication, navigation, self reliance and team building skills. It will help to develop independence and a sense of personal responsibility. Participants will get to experience backpacking in the Kenyan bush and complete their Adventurous Journey (Silver).

Students will have already been given maps of the area they will be trekking in, and have knowledge of their route. They will complete the expedition by their own self-sufficient means, carrying all of their own equipment in order to successfully complete the Adventurous Journey phase of their International Award.


  • Self-sufficient trekking alongside stunning panoramic views in the the Tsavo region of Kenya.
  • Self-reliant camping close to traditional ethnic villages
  • Hike through rural countryside around the Marungu Hills and enjoy views of the Tsavo area.
  • After your Adventurous Journey relax on a game drive in one of Kenya’s most rich wildlife areas.