Japan – Design & Art Trip

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Compass 3D Education

For those who are interested in art and culture, Japan is an amazing land to experience both traditional and modern aspects. This tour focuses more on traditional side, allowing you to visit historical sites, experience traditional culture, and appreciate the aesthetics and sense of beauty, design and art that have been handed down for centuries.

Educational Benefits:

  • Getting more exposure on Manga Art
  • Getting to know more about the world renowned artists and their work
  • Learning how Street Art can portray the character of the city and boost tourism
  • Living Japanese History through Museums and Art
  • Learning the tricks of one of the growing form of Art
  • Learning more about the Japanese Culture & in in specific, Geisha Culture
  • Boosting calculation skills with better and faster technique
  • Witnessing the range of advanced technology used in network of high-speed railway lines
  • Learning more about animal and plant kingdoms and the prehistoric world
  • Exploring the latest products and technology

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