India – The Golden Triangle – History

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Compass 3D Education

Take a trip to Incredible India, learn about the Mughlai Empire that shaped the architecture, the food and the culture of the Indian people. Visit the world famous wonder of the world – The Taj Mahal along with other cities that have encapsulated so much history within them. Visit the Capital City of Delhi, the Pink City of Jaipur and Agra which houses the world famous momument that pays tribute to Shah Jahans wife and took 26 years to complete.

Educational Benefits:

  • Journeying through Mughal Empire and their living
  • Studying the over the top lifestyle of Royals and their rich culture
  • Learning the mystical journey and under wraps facts behind one of the 7 wonders of the world
  • Exploring the famous architectural wonders that supported the works of the Mughal Emperors
  • Learning about dated history of the famous buildings of India and its importance in today’s’ culture
  • Strengthening communication skills
  • Boosting self confidence

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