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Incredible Journey Course

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The incredible journey course is designed to suit all ability levels and can accommodate the younger age groups as well. The course is based on a walking expedition which journeys through the mountains over three days between 2 camp sites. During the journey students will be told the story about how the Bedouins used to live in the mountains and the difficulties they went through.

Over the three day our instructors will give the participants a variety of tasks based around survival skills and creative thinking, getting students to think outside the box and use the resources they have available.

This course is suitable for students from grade 6 and above and will enable all the participants to:

➢ Experience how our ancestors in UAE used to live in the mountains

➢ Have a better understanding of survival in the wilderness (Shelter, Food and Water)

➢ Learn about the medical use of the trees in UAE

Course Objectives:

➢ Increased confidence and self-belief

➢ Increased resilience and determination

➢ Increased organisational skills and self – management

➢ Increased ability to plan, problem solve and review

➢ Increased understanding of features of effective teamwork and effective communication