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Dubai Culture and Heritage Programme

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The Dubai Culture and Heritage Programme focuses on educating learners about the cultural heritage of Dubai, Emirati traditions and Bedouin life in the desert. Learners will engage in a range of activities which allow them to experience the culture and life in the desert first-hand. We operate in a private Royal desert retreat which is not open to the public and is very safe and secure. Learners get the opportunity to learn outside the classroom, enjoy time in nature and learn about the natural environment of Dubai. This interactive learning style helps learners connect with the material of UAE Social Studies and deepens their understanding of Emirati culture.

This programme is designed to engage and evoke curiosity in the minds of learners of all ages with a range of practical and traditional activities such as falconry, cultural performances, local cuisine, wildlife drives in a vintage Land Rover and more. The experience takes place in one of our authentic heritage camps in the Royal desert retreat. This is an opportunity for learners to get a hands-on, valuable, and interactive experience with the culture and heritage of Dubai.