Outward Bound-346

Challenge Course

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The aim of the programme is to help your students to develop relationships and connections with each other and the environment. This course will support students developing social skills by strengthening the bond between new team members, students will also develop their life skills and gain valuable leadership skills, in turn boosting their confidence.

This course is suitable for students from grade 8 and above and will enable all the participants to:

➢ Learn advanced navigation skills

➢ Learn and apply the 7 principles of leave no trace

➢ Contribute back to the environment through a service element during the course

➢ Learn advanced camp craft skills

Course Objectives:

➢ Increased ability to apply leadership models

➢ Increased confidence and self-belief

➢ Increased ability to listen and communicate

➢ Increased resilience and determination

➢ Increased organisational skills and self – management

➢ Increased ability to plan, problem solve and review