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Borneo Climate Action

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Mantanani island lies about 80km north of Kota Kinabalu and is home to around 800 permanent residents. The surrounding coral reef and lagoon are home to juvenile turtles, rays, a variety of tropical fish and even the occasional dolphin passes by.

Your key focus will be investigating how the impact of increasing tourism is changing the natural world and the community structure for the indigenous people of Mantanani.

You will use a wide range of scientific methods as part of a holistic research effort, covering key ecosystems and working with enigmatic species. The data you help to collect will form part of a long-term collaborative study which will be used to provide valuable insights, helping local communities manage the natural environment and protect ecosystems.

Methods will include:

  • Collecting physical samples from natural and urban environments
  • Surveying, classification and taxonomy of local species
  • Gathering data on the environmental impact of tourism
  • Providing insights and management strategies for local people and authorities
  • Monitoring activity and populations of local wildlife

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