Outward Bound-123

Bedouin Experience Course

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This is an introductory course to Outward Bound based on the Bedouin customs and traditions in UAE. The aim of the course is to help the participants to work and communicate more efficiently as a team.

During the course students will learn about the history of you UAE and will discover the local inhabitants and plants that make this environment so unique, they will also learn practical skills such as camp craft, traditional cooking on an open fire, baking bread and navigation

This course is suitable for students from grade 5 and above and will enable all the participants to:

➢ Increase their knowledge of UAE customs and traditions.

➢ Increase their knowledge of plants and wild life

➢ Learn camp craft skills and basic navigation techniques

Course Objectives:

➢  Increased understanding of features of effective teamwork

➢  Increased ability to listen and communicate effectively