Trans World Educational Experiences (Twedex) create sports journeys that excite, inspire and empower young minds.

Our vision since inception in 2010 has been to provide a global perspective and leave profound and lasting impacts on young lives by building global citizens of tomorrow through our world-class sports travel experiences.

At Twedex we are aware of the challenges facing schools when organising sports travel and pride ourselves on fantastic customer service delivered by a passionate and knowledgeable team.

Every sports journey with Twedex is different, yet our approach is consistent across sports and destinations. We aim to excel in every aspect of planning and delivery, with close attention to detail, providing a level of service that makes a real and lasting contribution to every traveller.

We believe in fostering a culture of independence, confidence, and team spirit; qualities that extend beyond the sports field and the school gates, to the outside world.

The memories and friendships that are forged during a Twedex sports tour have the power to last a lifetime.

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