Explorars is a combination of two words Explore and Scholars, a reflection of our core mission of inspiring young minds to help them pursue their purpose in life.

Explorars offers educational travel programs for students with a vision of “Transforming learning through travel experiences”. All of our 80+ programs are divided into four broad concepts: STEM, Subject, Perspective and Endurance. These concepts have been defined based on our key stakeholders – educators, parents and students. Explorars is currently engaged with some of the leading school groups in the UAE and India for the design and delivery of advanced experiential programs.

We have created a Unique Learning Potential (ULeaP) framework for delivery of all our programs. ULeaP has the following four pillars:

Direct Curriculum Connect

Life Skill Learning

Social Environmental Sensitivity (SENSE)


We are members of the World Youth Student and Educational (WYSE) Travel Confederation, Netherlands and are solely focused on educational student travel.

Explorars has offices in UAE and India. For further information visit: www.explorars.com

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