Uncover Ancient China

Uncover Ancient China

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Uncover the Ancient Secrets of China

Beijing & Shanghai, China


 With over 5,000 years of rich history and a magnificent natural beauty to match, China has much to intrigue the inquisitive traveler


What students gain:

Historial Insight: Experience sites of historical and cultural importance where Chinese history comes to life
Cultural Immersion: Immerse in modern Chinese culture through art, calligraphy and martial arts workshops
Enhanced Communication Skills: Get our of your comfort zone by encountering a new culture, language and communication style


Program Highlights:

Get a peek into Chinese culture during the traditional Peking Opera Show
Learn basics of Mandarin, participate in a treasure hunt and practice Chinese water calligraphy at Temple of Heaven
Experience the grandeur of the Great Wall of China and toboggan on your way down
Get enthralled by the majestic surroundings and beauty of the Summer Palace
Discover Bund, the city’s famous walkway as you explore the famous Nanjing Road and People’s Square
Learn traditional Tai Chi – Chinese martial art form practiced for self-defense
Watch Shanghai Circus World Acrobatic show – a stunning acrobatic extravaganza