UK Discovery

UK Discovery

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United Kingdom Discovery

Solihull, London & Egham, United Kingdom


Experience a wide array of activities which will immerse you into the culture, the history, the art and the lives of the people in England, with a glimpse into their technological advancements and iconic sports venues


What students gain:


Cultural Immersion: Immerse in modern British culture through art, theatre and local university and school visits
Future Career Options: Explore potential opportunities in higher education in the United Kingdom
Sports Knowledge: Take a behind the scenes orientation of some of the most famous cricket and football venues


Program Highlights:

Experience the history and culture of the city of London visiting iconic monuments
Enter the world of Shakespeare through a visit of the Globe Theater
Witness the changing of the guard ceremony at the Buckingham Palace
Learn about varied fields like Art and Banking through visits to the Bank of England and the Royal Academy of Arts
Visit the Prime Meridian at the Greenwich Observatory to explore astronomy galleries
Meet the admissions team in Britain’s oldest and renowned university town – Oxford
Understand exciting concepts behind motor designing at the Jaguar Factory
Experience the jubilation at famous sports venues like Stamford Bridge and Lords Stadium
Enjoy thrilling rides and discover Business and Marketing concepts behind theme parks at Chessington  park