China – Southern China

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A 7 day expedition, taking students on a rewarding journey to Southern China to experience the many diverse ethnic groups, deep traditions and vibrant cultures of this beautiful area of China.

China is the world’s second largest country by land area with 9.6 million square km, encompassing a vast and varied landscape, rich with diversity and culture. As one of the earliest civilisations, its history and traditions are everywhere, and with as many as 56 different ethnic minorities, each with its own characteristic customs, the sheer scale of diversity is hard to comprehend. With its huge industrial cities, rural China is often forgotten, but can provide visitors with an extremely rich and rewarding experience.

  • Work alongside villagers, learning about life in a rural farming community
  • Try bamboo-rafting
  • Spend a day in a rural school
  • Hike through the countryside
  • Spend a day rock climbing on a world renowned site
  • Walk to the top of Moon Hill, exploring the caves and taking a mud bath
  • Cycle along Yulong River on scenic pathways
  • Experience Chinese foot massage and cupping

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