Discover Singapore Bintan

Discover Singapore and Bintan Island

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Discover Singapore and Bintan Island, Indonesia


What students gain:


Nature Connect: Enhance your understanding of renewable energy and responsible eco-friendly travel
Cultural immersion: Immerse yourself in culture through interactions with local children
Enhanced self-confidence: Build self-confidence by developing strength & accomplishing physical challenges


Program Highlights:


 Attend a series of workshops and sessions during your stay at the renowned National University of Singapore
Participate in an expert-led tour of NUS Campus followed by a session with admissions team
Undertake interactive and informative workshops on leadership and engage in team building activities
Test your leadership abilities and apply your learnings at the Botanical Garden and dragon boating exercise
Build endurance, coordination and teamwork through physical challenges at Bintan Island
Participate in a fun kayak race, raft building, boom-net diving and experience the LooLa ‘Flying Fox’ zip-line
Learn about resource management practices during an eco-tour at Loola Eco Resort