Nature Desert Safari

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The Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve forms the biggest piece of land which the UAE has dedicated to a conservation project. This unique reserve was created for the protection of those endangered species and for the conservation of the natural desert habitat and heritage. Contrary to popular believe the desert is teeming with life of all shapes and sizes. Many of these species have unique and fascinating adaptations to survive in what can at times be a harsh environment.

This tour of the fauna and flora of the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve is designed to assist students in identifying the different species that occur in the desert as well as to gain a better understanding on how they live and survive.

This is a rare opportunity to glimpse into the rich history of the region, experience pristine Dubai desert, observe native wildlife, enjoy a stunning journey in a classic 1950’s Land Rover, ride a camel and meet one of the original inhabitants of this land. We will also examine how the Bedouins utilised the different elements of the desert for their survival.

Please note: This trip excludes travel to and from School.