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Jordan is home to some of the most beautiful religious sites and fascinating landscapes. Drive through the desert to discover the ancient city of Petra and more…

For many years Jordan has been a relatively peaceful country in a turbulent region. It is a fantastic place to visit for those interested in ancient history and students of the world’s major religions. It is also home to one of the new Seven Wonders of the World – Petra, a rose-red city carved from sandstone rock over 2,000 years ago by the Nabateans. In recent years, Jordan has catered for more exclusive travellers. You’ll also get to sample some fantastic Middle Eastern and Mediterranean food: look out for hummus and flatbread, tasty shawarmas, refreshing mint tabbouleh and the national dish, mansef (lamb and rice).



  • Mount Nebo, a memorial to Musa (Moses) and a 4th-century church.
  • Jerash, one of the best preserved Roman cities of the World.
  • Desert Castle is famous for mosaics, frescoes, stone and stucco carvings and illustrations inspired by the best in Persian and Greco-Roman traditions.
  • Jabal al-Qala’a hill, the historic Citadel includes the pillars of the Roman Temple of Hercules.
  • Madaba, where St George’s Greek Orthodox Church houses a famous floor mosaic.
  • Wadi Al-Mujeb,
  • Kerak, famous Crusaders’ castle built in 1132/34 AD by King Baldwin I of Jerusalem.
  • Pharaoh’s Castle, the Triumphal Arch, the Amphitheater and Monastery.
  • Narrow canyon called Al Siq, it contains tombs and temples carved into pink sandstone cliffs, earning its nickname, the “Rose City.”
  • Petra is a famous archaeological site in Jordan’s southwestern desert, dating to around 300 B.C.,
  • Dead Sea, the lowest point on earth where you will float like a boat.


Educational Benefits:

  • History plays a big role in child development.
  • Learn cultural similarities and differences.
  • Preserving the environment & natural resources.
  • Value the importance of nature, culture & religion.
  • Understands the Archaeological sites that contributes to human history.
  • Strengthen the physical and emotional well-being.