Finnish & Estonian Heritage

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Helsinki, Turku, Tampere & Tallinn, FINLAND, ESTONIA


Explore the land rebuilt after World War II, its customs, cuisine, people & culture. This program offers various outdoor activities amidst the beauty and mystery of Finnish Folklore


What students gain:

Medieval/ recent History, Science
Cultural understanding and appreciation
Nature Connect


Program Highlights:

Explore Helsinki on a city orientation as you visit the famous “Rock Church”and the Market Square & Harbor
Board a ferry and engage in a walking tour of the archipelago fortress island of  Suomenlinna island followed by Castle of Finland and Suomenlinna Museum
Visit Heureka Science Centre featuring a lot of interactive exhibits, explore Haltia and go on a nature trip to Nuuksio National Park
Enjoy a full day orientation of  Tallinn on Silja Line by ferry and visit Seaplane Harbour
Explore Turku in a city orientation and visit Turku Castle with a temporary exhibition ‘Inner Landscapes’
Visit Vapriikki museum and Forum Marinum Maritime Centre in a city orientation of Tampere
Explore Lutheran Cathedral, Kaleva Church, Metso Library, Pyynikki ridge, Finlayson -a former cotton mill area,  and Tallipiha in Tampere
Visit Särkänniemi,  a theme park in Tampere followed by the Näsinneula Observation Tower and Pyynikki Ridge
Experience Hämeenlinna of Aulangonvuori Hill, the national landscape that attracts more than 400 000 visitors every year