European Space Camp

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Discover the whole new European experience with our special European Space Camp. In Brussels pay a visit to the architectural wonders of the past and that of today’s polity.

Visit the world-famous statue of Manneken Pis. Brush up your aeronautical knowledge with a visit to the European Science Camp. What’s more, build and launch your own water rockets at the Rocket workshop. Learn chocolate making. Visit a clog factory at Amsterdam and get mesmerized by its natural beauty.


  • In Brussels Visit Rue Royale, the Parliament Buildings, the Royal Palace, St. Michael Cathedral, etc.
  • Discover history of aeronautics at European Science Centre in Brussels and understand the background of European, American and Russian rocket launchers step-by-step.
  • Be a scientist and Build & launch your own water rockets (one simple and one with a parachute) at the Rocket workshop.
  • Experience the thrill of being an astronaut with Simulator training; Moonwalk, Multi-axis chair, rotating chair.
  • Learn Chocolate making at Zaabar Chocolate Factory.; history and production process of chocolate and later indulge in chocolate tasting.
  • Visit Clog Factory, see windmills, Zaans Museum & Verkade Pavilion in Amsterdam.