China – Beijing & Xi’an

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Explore this magnificent country steeped in ancient traditions, unique customs and modern wonders. Journey from the magnificence of the Great Wall through Beijing’s imperial heritage to the enigmatic Terracotta Warriors. Enjoy an encounter with a panda and learn kung fu from a Shaolin monk.

China is the worlds second largest country by land area with the territory of 9.6 million square km. The coastline stretches 18000 km and its oceanic area covers 4.73 million square km. China is a multinational country with 56 ethnic minorities, each of which has its own characteristic customs and traditions. China’s landscape is vast and diverse, it is a country with an ancient history and one of the earliest civilisations.

  • Trek along a private section of the Great Wall of China
  • Discovery Beijing’s history visiting the Temple of Heaven, Tiananmen Square & the Forbidden City
  • Take an overnight sleeper train to Xi’an
  • Visit the Terracotta Warriors & tour Xi’an ancient city walls by bicycle
  • Visit a Shaolin temple for a kung fu show & lessons from Shaolin monks

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